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An Accountable and Reliable Partner


Understanding that many companies feel uneasy when an outside firm takes control of their design processes, Northeast Biomedical has committed to being an engaged partner in development for each client, including  open communication as well as responsive and responsible project management. We approach each project as a full collaboration between Northeast Biomedical and our client. While providing strategic management and execution of the development process, we ensure that the client is included and up-to-date at all stages of production.

Strategic Project Management

Managing a development project takes intense attention to detail, a full grasp of timelines and a vigorous strategic approach to both product design and commercialization. With the Development Strategists of the Northeast Biomedical team, the client has the benefit of seasoned development veterans with years of successful project management experience in a variety of device designs across a wide range of medical fields and technologies.

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Resource Planning

Resource planning and requirement gathering go hand-in-hand. The product development team at Northeast Biomedical takes the requisite time to ensure that client and regulatory agency requirements are met while researching the best materials and technologies to create economically-feasible options for production. Each requirement is evaluated and incorporated into the final design parameters. Pre-planning allows the Northeast Biomedical team to keep costs low while maximizing features.

Regulatory Support

Our in-house product development expertise helps our clients to navigate through the complicated requirements for production and market introduction. Each design has to be developed with strict compliance to all regulatory guidelines. Northeast Biomedical will help minimize wrong turns on the road to compliance.  

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Schedule Management 

Streamlined timelines are imperative for a successful and opportune path to product launch. Northeast Biomedical takes the time at the beginning of the process to identify and address obstacles and possible delays in the design process. The result of their initial intensive analysis and project management is a smooth and streamlined path toward completion with a minimum of surprises.

Product Development Support

Northeast Biomedical applies time-proven strategies and a multi-phase approach to create successful and time-efficient development strategies. With their wide-ranging skill set and broad design experience, the design teams at Northeast Biomedical can breakdown complex and intricate designs with sophisticated design challenges to create successful solutions. Northeast Biomedical’s development strategists can find unconventional applications of proven strategies can be combined to bring your firm exceptional results.

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Open Communication

We are dedicated to having a collaborative relationship with our clients. Our senior product development specialists have all held significant corporate management positions and, having done so, realize the importance of keeping the lines of communication not only open but active. Each development team at Northeast Biomedical considers itself an extension of the client’s internal resources and is engaged and motivated to provide the best possible final product for each project it manages.