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Customized products

Customized Products

While primarily a product development services company, Northeast Biomedical also provides one-off and low-volume production for our customer's specific needs. Whether your firm needs a particular device is to answer a specific unmet need for your own internal uses or if you need to complete a limited market release for small niche devices, Northeast Biomedical can help take your ideas from concept to construction. 

customizable lab weight drop system.webp

Customizable Laboratory Weight-Drop System

This is an example of a customized weight-drop system used to conduct research for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), which Northeast Biomedical designed to customer specifications. The system was engineered to be robust, accurate, and repeatable. We can customize a similar product which is designed to specifications for your firm's particular needs.

In this example of a customized weight-drop system, an integrated height scale determined the exact drop distance. The handle incorporated a fixed-stop collar for quick and consistent drops. The frame of the system was fabricated from aerospace grade aluminum which rested on vibration-absorbing feet to minimize disruptions with the laboratory environment. The top plate was made from clear polycarbonate to provide a full view of the target area. 

Customizable Laboratory 0.8-Meter Weight

Customizable Laboratory 1-Meter

Weight-Drop System

In this example of a weight-drop device for Traumatic Brain Injury research, the customized design required that a variety of different weights, with the same dimensions, were available to be dropped from the top of a 1-meter-long plastic tube. The system was engineered to be robust, accurate, and repeatable. A solenoid allowed for a quick and consistent weight release with the simple push of a button.


The frame of the system was fabricated from aluminum and the entire system rested on vibration-absorbing feet to minimize disruptions with the laboratory environment. The plastic tube was created to be adjustable to properly align the test field with the aid of a three-laser aiming device. Seven toggle clamps were added to hold a kimwipe or a mat in place.  

This same design can be customized to your company's individual specifications.

Test or Assembly Systems


We have produced a wide variety of custom system for use in assembly and testing environments. These systems come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. They range from desktop test stations to fully automated reliability test systems. Each one is purpose built and installed to the customers' specifications. 


Our systems are designed specifically for the application. Each system can contain multiple aspects including motion control, machine vision, nanometer level positioning, instrumentation such as force, temperature, pressure, color or other key identifiers. It can be used to test a variety of different aspects from reliability to functional tests. Automation systems are used to assemble to aid in product development. Systems can be developed to be PLC- or PC-based, depending on the need of the application.

Vertical Reflow Laminator System

This system is a vertical catheter reflow lamination system. It uses a combination of controlled heated air with a variable speed to encompass a multitude of process variations. The system is scalable between 1 to more than 12 catheters. Used for R&D or production of multiple lumen or composite catheter shafts. 

It has a programmable temperature up to a maximum of 900°F as well as programmable rate and distance settings for optimum control. It has a maximum air volume of 10.6 cfm. Adding to the ease of use, the equipment has a repeatable centering and tension system as well as a graphical user interface. In addition, it has been equipped with a simple, automatically centering clamping system.


Customizable Heat Shrink Removal Tool


In this customized solution for a client, Northeast Biomedical produced a heat shrink removal tool which was created to remove heat shrink that has been used to make laminated/reflowed catheter shafts. The leading edge of the tool slid between the base of the shaft and the heat shrink layer. As the tool slid down the length of the shaft, it created a longitudinal cut allowing the heat shrink to be removed and discarded. The tool was also reversible, depending on the operator’s preferred grip, by rotating the bottom of the tool. Contact us about creating similar custom tools to be made to your company's specifications. 

Custom Syringe Mixer

The system is used to mix two syringes together automatically using a programmed number of strokes. The system uses a clean room rated pneumatic slide to slide to provide the motion back and forth. The system is programmed with a push button PLC interface. 

This clean-room-compatible equipment has a high speed mixing action coupled with a high-pressure mixing force. Enclosed to provide protection,  it accepts syringes between 5 ml and 30 ml. It allows for adjustments dependent on the full quantities of the syringes.


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