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Our Ideation Workshop is a powerhouse brainstorming session, focused wherever innovation is desired. This customized workshop is an effective, rapid, and capital-efficient process that can yield multiple product concepts and manufacturing solutions in just a few hours.

Erik Piasio

American Surgical Company

"With Northeast Biomedical's Ideation Workshop, we were able to develop solutions for a market outside of our historical area of expertise allowing us to take advantage of new opportunities"

Our experience in this arena allows the potential for groundbreaking solutions that will have maximum impact on your business. 

A Winning Collaborative Process

The team at Northeast Biomedical has years of experience working as an extension of our customers’ development teams. We provide missing skill sets and augment your expertise with new perspectives. The Ideation Workshop is a “roll up your sleeves and get into the action” process where we are all working toward a solution to your challenges. 

Adaptability to Meet You Where You are in the Life Cycle

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Whether you are early in the concept development process, managing the evolution of a legacy product, or wanting to optimize serial production, Northeast Biomedical’s Ideation Workshop brings exceptional value to your company. The process can be focused on whatever challenge you face, whether it is helping to create a new design, refining an existing design, reducing Cost of Goods Sold, revitalizing a legacy product or scaling automation into your serial production, the Ideation Workshop can provide measurable value and efficiencies.

Ability to Reduce Risk

One of the benefits to NEB’s approach is that it removes much of the risk and unknowns.  If you are on the fence about starting a new program, the information gleaned from the Ideation Workshop will give you the confidence that you are heading in the right direction.  This, in turn, should reduce your time to market and improve your success rate.

How does it work?

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During the Ideation Workshop you will meet with a team of Northeast Biomedical engineers either virtually or in person and participate in a dynamic and creative working session. The Ideation Workshop has been carefully developed after decades of experience and is highly efficient without sacrificing creativity. During the session, the combined team will discuss and ideate many different concepts and solutions. The session will culminate in a structured selection process that identifies the most promising concepts. The output of the session is both the experience of working with, and learning from, the Northeast Biomedical team as well as a final report documenting the results and illuminating the path forward.

What to expect? Results!

Northeast Biomedical’s team of engineers are listed on over 55 patents and have over 100 years of combined experience working from concept development through high volume manufacturing. Our team has experience with a wide range of products from orthopedics, interventional cardiology, neurology and machine vision to robotics, and artificial intelligence. Our staff brings this depth of knowledge and creativity to the Ideation Workshop, maximizing its benefits to you. 


Whether you are early in the concept development process, managing the evolution of a legacy product, or wanting to optimize serial production, Northeast Biomedical’s Ideation Workshop brings exceptional value to your company

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