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Meet the New Senior Product Development Engineers

As the engineering world constantly shifts to embrace new technologies; and as the needs for cutting edge solutions are sought – Northeast Biomedical is continuously on the lookout for the talent to meet those challenges. We are proud to introduce two new senior product development engineers that have joined our team. Their diverse experience and wide-ranging skill sets will only enhance our client conversance.

In November, Northeast Biomedical was proud to have Kyle join the team as a Senior Product Development Engineer. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. In his early years, Kyle was inspired by his parents and family who were tradesmen and women, encompassing a wide field of professions and skills. Seeing how engineering was not only applicable in everyday life, but how it could be important and critical; Kyle chose his path in becoming an engineer himself – and we at NEB are glad he did!

His initial foray into engineering was for an Automotive and Aerospace Wire and Cable Manufacturer. But, as he experienced some of his family undergo traumatic medical procedures, Kyle developed an interest to further his engineering acumen to medical devices. He felt strongly that his skillset could be applied to something that made a difference in people’s lives. Prior to joining NEB, Kyle was at Smith & Nephew as a Senior Product Development Engineer with a focus on advanced surgical devices related to hip and shoulder joint repair as related in sports medicine.

In Kyle’s free time, he focuses on his continued Jiu Jitsu training – and wants to receive his black belt before he hits 40! Kyle is also currently working on getting his collection of poetry published.

“I love being a senior product development engineer because I get to work with all stages of designing a medical device,” says Kyle. “I enjoy just the total process of what it takes to design something, but it’s the most exciting when you see the finished product.”

And our luck didn’t start with Kyle, but with Mitch Baker, who joined Northeast Biomedical as a senior product development engineer in June of 2021. He graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2009 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology. His interest in engineering was sparked at a young age by working on projects with his father, who is also a mechanical engineer. His experience ranges from manufacturing, designing injection molding, and creating environmental test chambers for batteries. No exploding batteries on his watch! His project management has made him more agile at tackling all sides of the development process.

“I absolutely love being a senior product development engineer because the variety of work always keeps me on my toes,” says Mitch. “You get to work with an entire team and coming together to solve a problem is exciting!”

With our enhanced team, as well as our robust portfolio of proven success, Northeast Biomedical is the solution for your needs. From concept to packaged product, our proven method can and will find the solution you. Upgrading a legacy product? Brand new idea to develop? Please make sure to click the link below, fill out our intake form – and let’s start the conversation that will get you where you want to go!

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