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NEB Starts Partnership with Coatings2Go

Tyngsboro, Mass. -- Northeast Biomedical and Coatings2Go entered agreements for a long-term strategic partnership on Nov 15.

Northeast Biomedical (NEB) is a medical device product development, distribution, and manufacturing company that has an ISO 13485:2016 certificate for their quality management system (QMS). Coatings2Go also has an ISO 13485:2016 certified QMS and they have a mission to provide safe, effective and affordable coatings for medical devices, without resource depleting CDA/NDA’s, licensing fees or royalties.

“The teams at NEB and Coatings2Go have worked together for years providing innovative solutions to our customers. This partnership will take that to the next level and allow us to streamline their interactions, allowing them to bring products to market faster leveraging both of our prospective expertises.” Timothy Looney President, Northeast Biomedical, Inc.

This long-term partnership is expected to accelerate growth for both companies in the fast-growing, medical device sector in Massachusetts. The new, collaborative agreement leverages the respective strengths of Northeast Biomedical and Coatings2Go to create compelling value for both companies and their customers. Aligning NEB’s medical device development and manufacturing with Coatings2Go innovative and best-in-class coating technologies offers new, broad solutions for the medical device industry.

“Our clients sometimes require a contract coater, and/or a process developer for their in-house application systems.” says Margaret Palmer, President of Coatings2Go. “Combining the talent and experience that Northeast Biomedical brings, we can help streamline the coating application process and know that our customers are in exceptional hands.”

This partnership will strengthen each company’s abilities to help medical device companies develop increased health benefiting products. These medical device products not only address challenging obstacles but simultaneously exceed all industry expectations. By integrating experts, customers will have faster turnaround times, broader product development offerings and will be empowered to bring focus back to what matters most: their medical device.

Look for new photos showing how Northeast Biomedical and Coatings2Go integrate their portfolio by offering new services. To learn more or start a project with or start a project, click the links below.

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