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LOWELL, MASS. – Northeast Biomedical became a sponsor of the Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center (M2D2) on May 5.

M2D2 assists biotech and medical-device entrepreneurs with all aspects of moving new products and technologies from concept to commercialization in order to improve health outcomes. A joint venture of UMass Lowell and UMass Medical School in Worcester, M2D2 offers the resources of these institutions to entrepreneurs seeking medical assistance with clinical trials and expertise with the engineering and business side of product development.

Northeast Biomedical (NEB) is an ISO 13485:2016 certified medical device product development, distribution, and manufacturing company. The NEB development team consists of highly skilled engineers who navigate companies and individuals through all stages of product development and design.

Just a decade ago, NEB was founded by company president Tim Looney at an M2D2 incubator on the UMass Lowell campus. A decade later, it is now the first company to come back to M2D2 as a sponsor. NEB has a breadth of experience and depth of knowledge in developing a wide variety of medical products and instrumentation. Product development services offered include medical device design, electromechanical instruments, catheters, disposable design, equipment development, surgical/other robotics and contract manufacturing.

As an M2D2 sponsor, NEB joins a prestigious list of other biotech and medical device companies that support the center’s mission, including MPR Associates, among others. Working together, sponsors elevate M2D2’s services to entrepreneurs to help improve health outcomes for patients. A complete list of M2D2 sponsors is available at

“I am personally very excited to go back and sponsor M2D2 because that is where Northeast Biomedical turned from a hobby into a real company,” Looney said. “We were one of the first groups of companies to go through the center and it gave us the support and connections to launch us to the next stage. We are really excited to continue our involvement by helping other companies there so they can thrive and propel forward.”

As a sponsor, NEB will host office hours and offer workshops, so that companies or individuals at M2D2 can tap into NEB for guidance. Looney offers 27 years of experience with technology projects including scope definition, design, development, risk management, requirements gathering and resource planning. In addition to his industrial experience, Looney has the unique distinction of being a member of the adjunct faculty at UMass Lowell since 1998, where he teaches computer-aided design, medical device design, and new product development courses.

Becoming a medical device company or even designing a single medical product is a challenging task that requires skilled guidance from industry specialistsM2D2 connects clients to outside venture capitalists so entrepreneurs can lead flourishing companies that help the Massachusetts economy.

“I’m excited to welcome Northeast Biomedical as an M2D2 sponsor and I’m looking forward to the programs and initiatives we will launch together,” said Brennan Fournier, M2D2 program manager. “M2D2 nurtures some of the world’s most disruptive medical device companies to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit in the Northeast’s innovation ecosystem and beyond.”

M2D2 operates lab-based incubators in Lowell and Worcester and offers networking opportunities and other programs for startups. Since the center was founded in 2007, M2D2 has vetted more than 250 medical-device and biotech ventures for inclusion in its programs and provided support to more than 100 startups. In total, M2D2 resident companies have secured more than $150 million in external funding for their innovations.

The medical device field continues to boast exponential growth every year, as entrepreneurs continue helping patients' lives. This is only the beginning of a long, continued partnership between NEB and M2D2.

For more information about NEB and M2D2, click the links below:

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