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Why you need a Engineer on Call

Imagine this: You are working on a high-priority engineering project nearing a two-week deadline and you do not have the needed talent to get the project finished. Being down one engineer on a critical project can cause a late product delivery or an abrupt stop to development. This disruption might ruin a relationship with the client(s), causing you to miss a milestone, and resulting in them not being a repeat customer. This scenario happens all the time, but thankfully solutions exist to keep your project on the right path. Northeast Biomedical offers our Engineer on Call Services that are tailored to meet your project and company goals.

An Engineer on Call allows you to borrow a technical expert who performs a specific job or helps with a definitive project. “One of our most requested services is what we call an Engineer on Call. It happens at any point in the project when you need a little help getting across the finish line. That engineer can be remote, at your facility, or just available for a conference call,” says Tim Looney, President of Northeast Biomedical. “Our team is made up of highly qualified experts that bring unique perspectives and skills to an array of projects and companies.” Northeast Biomedical is dedicated to making sure our employees have a diverse range of training and opportunities to foster their knowledge and growth. Our staff has the medical device development training to help your company achieve whatever task is at hand. We have extensive experience in designing catheters, other disposables, robotics, and automation. Hiring us to be your Engineer on Call also saves costs on a project because it reduces overhead costs. When the project is finished, our team will move onto the next project and not sit idle waiting for more work. Every project has different complexities, with our Engineer on Call service it also allows you to quickly add different engineering specialists who already know how to work together effectively.

Engineers on Call offer many advantages to medical device development companies, so it’s great to sit down with your team to decide who the perfect candidate would be. It can help to make a list of what you would want in a flexible engineering resource. “I love being an Engineer on Call because the variety of work lets me use my expertise to bring insights to the team.” says Angela Valente, NEB Product Development Engineer. If Northeast Biomedical is a good fit for you, we can go that extra step and make sure you also get not just the right company but the right engineer. If you are interested in getting to know our employees, make sure to look at the team biographies on our website. You can also send an email to

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