Medical Device Design

Northeast Biomedical is a medical device product development and contract manufacturing company that works with companies at all stages of development. We have the ability to augment your efforts with our expertise to help you get your projects to the next stage in an efficient and timely manner.

We offer product development services including:

  • Medical device design

  • Electromechanical instruments

  • Catheters & disposable design and development

  • Equipment development and robotics

  • Low volume - high mix contract manufacturing  


We have a team of highly skilled engineers who specialize in the design and development of medical products and equipment. We have worked on a variety of projects in the life sciences space including catheters, disposable devices, sensors, ultrasound integration, optical fiber and laser products, instrumentation, surgical tools, point of care products, podiatry devices, test fixtures, surgical robots, machine vision and automation equipment. We have a wide selection of research, prototyping, model shop and sensor development tools and equipment that are ready to be utilized for your project.

Product Development Resouces
Research Tools

We have a wide variety of tools and equipment that can be used to help prove concepts or apply different technologies. Examples of these tools include simulated anatomy models, heart pumps, lasers, and an assortment of sensors and instrumentation. We have a variety of hand tools including pipettes and other tools for running bench experiments. We can configure our tools based on what your needs are. 

Prototyping Tools

Fabrication Tools

We have a fully equipped model shop on site that contains all of the tools that we will need to get you to your next goal. We have a Prototrak milling machine, lathe and sheet metal break/sheer as well as measurement tools and plastic fabrication equipment. In addition to the capital equipment we have a wide selection of hand tools, saws, sanders and other secondary operation equipment. We keep a wide selection of metal and plastic stock on hand along with thousands of threaded fasteners.

Our prototype lab has two 3D printers that are capable of fabricating different materials, from flexible to high temperature and everything in between. We also have the ability to create 3D-printed injection molds and an experimental single shot injection molding system. We can create short runs of prototypes by creating silicone molds and casting resin duplicates. We can utilize our laser marking system to serialize prototypes. We also have a furnace and processing oven that can be used for heat setting nitinol or working through heat based process development. Our prototyping capabilities are augmented by our model shop, disposables development line, and sensor and electronics development areas. 

Disposable Medical Device Development Line

We keep an inventory of catheter fittings, extrusions, balloons, mandrels and other necessary components that allows us to prototype different ideas. In addition to the inventory of components, we have a full line of specialized equipment for construction and processing of medical devices and catheters. This equipment includes adhesive dispensers, UV cure systems, tip forming, heat bonding, balloon bonding, stent crimping, balloon pleating and a full accompaniment of measuring tools for leak or burst testing. Our test equipment includes hydraulic and pneumatic leak/burst tes \t systems, non-contact dimensional measurement, and digital force gauges. All the devices have the option of being built in a class 10,000 clean area with static control.

Sensor and Electronics Development Area

The in-house expertise of NEB grants us the ability to efficiently develop and integrate sensors and electronics. We have built an impressive amount of electronic test equipment and a component inventory for basic circuit work. We also have the ability to create short run boards with our reflow oven and board repair tools. Our component inventory includes enclosures, PLC's Raspberry PI's and Arduinos, along with discrete components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, switches and other supplies. In our lab we have a microwave generator, optical fiber-based temperature and pressure test systems.  We also have an EMF meter, a variety of thermocouple probes, NIR and visible lasers (up to class IV), as well as a full optical fiber connectorization line. We also have a selection of automation components, motors, DAQs, and robotic components. We are happy to expand our inventory of equipment for your project needs.

Equipment and Robotics

Northeast Biomedical is unique in the fact that we also have the ability to develop electromechanical systems including robots, instrumentation, and automation equipment. We have decades of experience with custom machines and robotics and can develop a product or a system to increase efficiency in your manufacturing process. We have worked on numerous automated test systems, assembly systems and most recently a first generation surgical robot that uses machine vision guidance to perform intricate surgical path routes autonomously.

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Contract Manufacturing

Northeast Biomedical offers low volume contract manufacturing services for disposable medical devices and equipment. Since not every product is distributed in high volumes, we work with our customers to bridge the gaps between prototypes and high volume serial production. We have the ability to effectively build dozens to thousands of devices for use in pre-clinical studies, market launch, and products that are sold in various volumes. We can incorporate the information that is gathered during the assembly and use that to help integrate fixtures and automation as the volume demands increase.