Versatility in Approach and Application


With its versatile and adaptable structure, Northeast Biomedical can assist with medical device development at any stage of the process. Being flexible in providing creative solutions at every stage of development has always been a priority for Northeast Biomedical.  We can navigate through the entire process with your firm from initial idea conception through to manufacturing or employ a targeted strategy for any single phase along the way.   

Our dedication to providing multi-faceted solutions and inventive strategies can be seen in our scalable work teams, our approach to design, our methods of cost-efficient prototyping and production as well as the ways in which we can augment your existing R&D professionals.

Let our team get your design moving in the right direction!!


Scalable Work Teams

Each Northeast team member is hand-picked for their creativity, their individual skill sets and their in-depth knowledge of their specialty.  As a whole, the Northeast Biomedical team works together to create a thoroughly-considered plan of approach to each design challenge. In application and execution, each individual stage of development is carefully considered and the appropriate team members take the lead to maximize skill sets, in-kind experience, and cost-effective methods.  

At Every Stage

of Development

 We offer full-scope development assistance as well as targeted phase-based support.  We can jump in at any point in your device design process, leveraging our experience and expertise to augment your existing internal resources and bridge the gap in needed skills, equipment, regulatory knowledge or project management experience.  Through thorough analysis and strategic planning, we can chart a successful course for your journey from concept to commercialization.

Product Refinement &


Northeast Biomedical can help you to refine, enhance and repurpose your existing product lines products to address new market challenges or address gaps in current end-use goals.  Reinventing the concept of a wheel is not necessary, but adding refinements and improvements to that existing wheel adds value. Make use of our creative approach to device design to repurpose your existing product lines to meet new user needs and to access new markets.

Manufacturing Support
& Tooling

Our manufacturing support begins in the initial stages of design.  We anticipate and incorporate manufacturing and automation needs and build those requirements into the device design.  In addition, our in-house contract manufacturing specialist guides our clients through establishing an efficient manufacturing processes and managing the final tooling systems from acquisition to design.  Beyond design expertise, Northeast Biomedical is dedicated to ensuring that your device makes a cost-effective entrance into the market as a fully-realized product.

Low-Volume Production

The number of manufactured devices to move to a commercial return on any device can vary widely.  Northeast Biomedical’s versatile approach to contract manufacturing offers low-volume production options to its clients, reducing initial launch risks and providing potential investors with a fully-functional marketable product with which to test the commercialization possibilities of your device.    



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