Comprehensive Services

Northeast Biomedical is your go-to source for medical device design and production. Our select team of engineers are skilled in designing disposables, implantables, catheter-based devices, integrated instrumentation, automation, robotics and electronics . Each concept goes through a rigorous development process including verification and validation to ensure that client goals and end-user requirements are met.


Electromechanical Instrument Design & Development

The in-house expertise of NEB grants us the ability to efficiently develop and prototype electronics. We have the ability to assemble short run boards with our reflow oven and board repair tools. Our component inventory includes enclosures, PLC’s Raspberry PI’s and Arduinos, along with discrete components, breadboards, switches and other supplies. We also have a selection of automation components, motors, DAQs, and other robotic components. In our lab we have a full suite of measurement tools including an oscilloscope, network analyzer, microwave generator, optical fiber-based temperature and pressure test systems. We also have an EMF meter, a variety of thermocouple probes, NIR and visible lasers (up to class IV), as well as an optical fiber connectorization line. 

What makes NEB different from other medical device companies is our ability to work with both mechanical and electrical aspects of a design. We have a deep background in the development of instrumentation which includes everything from automation systems to electronic consoles. We have worked on a variety of programs including machine vision guided robots and sophisticated diagnostic tools for use in surgery and by first responders. 

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Product Development Services

NEB is a diverse, full service product development partner with decades of expertise and experience.  We have the ability, experience, and tools to work on a wide variety of programs at any stage. Our specialty is providing product development services in the medical technology arena that focuses on developing a wide variety of medical technologies from napkin sketches through clinical trials. 

Our laboratory and manufacturing areas are fully equipped with a wide variety of tools to make this happen. We have a fully stocked model shop that contains a variety of machine tools including a Prototrak CNC mill, lathe, saws, and a full stock of cutting tools, drills, mechanical hardware, and accessories. We combine our traditional manufacturing and prototyping techniques with several 3D printers and a supply of electronic development boards that can get you on your path to success. 

Disposable Design & Development

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Our decades in catheter development and device design has grown our inventory of catheter components, luers, extrusions, balloons, mandrels and other components that allow us to prototype quickly and efficiently. In addition to the prototype of components, we have a full line of specialized equipment for construction and processing of medical devices and catheters. This equipment includes tip forming, heat forming, balloon bonding, stent crimping, balloon pleating, adhesive dispensers, UV cure systems, and a full suite of measuring tools for leak or burst testing. Our test equipment includes both a hydraulic and pneumatic leak/burst test systems, non-contact dimensional measurement, full mechanical inspection devices, and digital force gauges. All the devices have the option of being built in a class 10,000 clean area.

Low-Volume Manufacturing

The number of manufactured devices to move to a commercial return on any device can vary widely. Northeast Biomedical’s contract manufacturing offers low-volume production options to its clients, reducing initial launch risks and providing potential investors with a fully-functional marketable product with which to test the commercialization possibilities of your device. Our goal is to fill the niche of the device companies from napkin sketch to clinical trial and beyond. 

Innovation Summit Brainstorming Service

This customized workshop is an effective, rapid, and capital-efficient process that can yield multiple product concepts and manufacturing solutions in just a few hours. During the Innovation Summit you will meet with a team of Northeast Biomedical engineers either virtually or in person and participate in a dynamic and creative working session. During the session, the combined team will discuss and ideate many different concepts and solutions. The session will culminate in a structured selection process that identifies the most promising concepts. The output of the session is both the experience of working with, and learning from, the Northeast Biomedical team as well as a final report documenting the results and illuminating the path forward.​

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Engineer on Call Service

Our qualified engineers can be contracted to provide engineering services, providing companies flexible talent to quickly support your project. Northeast Biomedical applies time-proven strategies and a multi-phase approach to create successful and time-efficient development strategies. With their wide-ranging skill set and broad design experience, the design teams at Northeast Biomedical can break down complex and intricate designs with sophisticated design challenges to create successful solutions. 

Other Services 

  • Medical Device Design and Testing

  • Early-Stage Development & Prototyping

  • Concept Generation & Storyboarding

  • Automation and Robotic Systems

  • Product Refinement and Enhancement

  • Manufacturing Support & Tooling Design

  • Product Development Support

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