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Capability For Every Stage of Development


Northeast Biomedical is a full-service medical design firm. Our facility features a dedicated research and development laboratory space including a Class 10,000 clean area for device fabrication and an on-site fully-equipped fabrication shop. Set up to deal with a wide range of device prototype and low-volume production needs, the team assigned to each development project incorporates manufacturing and automation needs into each device design. 

Northeast Biomedical’s carefully selected team of experts has been brought together to complement your internal team, expanding your resources not duplicating them. We offer a wide range of product development and strategic project management services.  

Our team can join the development process at any point that fits best with your company’s needs. We develop a customized plan of action for each project with consideration to your budget, timeline and internal resources. Our broad experience and our versatility bring more than just engineering expertise to your project.  

Concept Generation

Whatever stage your ideation process has reached, Northeast Biomedical can assist you in transforming it into a fully-realized concept. We work with clients who have fully functioning prototypes that require testing to those that only know that a need exists that is not being met. Through research and brainstorming, our select team of professionals can provide you with a roadmap to efficient production.

Needs Assessment

On each project, we begin with a readiness checklist to build a solid foundation for project planning. This checklist also pinpoints possible weaknesses and obstacles in the design and manufacturing stages.  We take the time to gather and evaluate each project at the beginning to avoid money-wasting delays.    

Early Stage Development & Prototyping

Northeast Biomedical can support your internal team through early-stage design development including prototype production. 

A prototype can be anything from a few pieces of duct tape surrounded by bubble gum to a company’s first working device catapulting them into the marketplace. While the process can seem chaotic, Northeast Biomedical can minimize the uncertainty through a dependable and proven approach to prototype creation.  

Automation Systems & Product Development 

Designing with manufacturing in mind allows Northeast Biomedical to save their clients time and money. Our team helps our clients to develop automation processes that provide financially-feasible pathways to commercialization. 

Medical Device Design

Northeast Biomedical is your go-to source for medical device design and production. Our select team of engineers is skilled in designing disposables, implantables, catheter-based devices, integrated instrumentation, and device circuitry.  

Each concept goes through a vigorous development process including verification and validation to ensure that client requirements and end-user goals are met.