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In a market with constant changes in technology and market demands, the project management process is crucial in creating an efficient timeline, from initial idea to product launch. Our select team of experienced and accomplished design engineers and project management strategists will guide your idea through the design journey, from concept sketch to prototype production through to manufacturing and market release. At Northeast Biomedical, the customer receives more than design expertise. We strive beyond the ideas to the reality of efficient execution and solid proof of principle.   As a full scope development firm, our broader approach means that we share the client goals of timely product delivery with economically-viable resource allocation.  


Beginning the Process 

After a consultation, your Northeast Biomedical development team will conduct a thorough needs assessment to create a strategic plan for development. Your product will then move on to the design stage. Our experts will guide you through design feasibility and the verification and validation processes. From there, we can assist you with prototype development, production strategies, and manufacturing options. Our project management team can also assist you throughout your design journey with strategic approaches to each stage of the development process.

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